Personal Lubricant – Water Based Lube For Women & Men – FDA Registered & Made In the USA – Uni-Sex Lube – 8 oz By Intimate Rose

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  • SILKY SMOOTH TEXTURE - We know how you hate the icky feeling of gel running between your hands. It's gross and slimy like something out of Fear Factor. Our formula is as delicate as water. Just a small amount on your intimate area brings a heightened sense of pleasure.
  • ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE - Velvet Rose personal lubricant is safe with toys, condoms, & is tasteless & odorless. For solo fun or couple's play, you'll love its velvety texture as it mimics your body's natural lubricant.
  • FDA CERTIFIED & MADE IN THE USA - 99% of brands aren't cleared by the FDA, but Velvet Rose is. We want you to be healthy and be safe - No additives, artificial flavors, odors, or harmful allergens like other brands. Good Clean Fun and the Right Vibes!
  • MOISTURIZES YOUR INTIMATE AREAS - Our water-based lube is easy on your skin. Keeping it soft and moisturized during sex. It leaves your pleasure spot supple and fresh. No redness or irritation that comes with ordinary lubes.
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Our water-based sex lube will never leave you hanging. Give it a try and watch your partner go crazy for hours. You'll stay smooth and fresh as long as you wish.

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Product Description

The Holy Grail of Personal Lubes

For the longest time, you've been searching for the perfect sex lubricant to fulfill your fantasy ...

No sticky feeling.

No stains on clothes or sheets.

No redness or chafing of your pleasure spots.

Just the smooth, erotic ecstasy of lovemaking combined with safety and protection of advanced technology.

Made for both men and women of all ages, Velvet Rose's intimate sex lubricant was designed to bring back the fun and pleasure of sex into your life.

Our water-based formula removes the discomfort and stickiness of traditional lubes. It also provides safety by protecting condoms and sex toys from breakage. Plus, it's easy to clean.

Just rinse it off with soap and water. No need to scrub for hours.

Most lube on the market can become dry and sticky in a matter of minutes. But with a small spray in your intimate area, Velvet Rose sex lube goes a long way.

And if you need more lubrication, apply a small amount and you're good to go.

Plus, it comes at a hefty 8 oz. per bottle ... more than enough to last a long time.

The no-spill cap gives you extra protection. And the clear, hygienic bottle can slip inside your baggage without hassle.

The Intimate Rose 100% Guarantee

We value your satisfaction. We make sure each bottle that comes out of our plant has the highest quality possible.

But if you feel that Velvet Rose isn't up to the task, give us a call for a 100% money back guarantee ... no questions asked.

And when you order TODAY, we'll send this personal lubricant to you in plain Amazon box to protect your privacy.

Click the Add to Cart button today and experience the joy of sex once again.

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