Extra Disposable Vaginal Applicators (15 Pack) Individually Wrapped with Dosage Markings

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  • EASY TO USE best disposable vaginal applicators
  • THREADED END TO FACILITATE vaginal administration in accurate measured doses
  • EACH VAGINAL APPLICATOR is individually wrapped for your convenience
  • VAGINAL APPLICATOR: prescription hormone creams can be used with Premarin, Estrace, vaginal moisturizers, vaginal lubricants, organic lubricants, contraceptive gel, trying to conceive sperm-friendly creme
  • DISPOSABLE vaginal applicators offer a fresher way to apply hormone creams, vaginal gels, progesterone suspensions, pediatric formulations, vaginal medications, prescription creams, fertility friendly personal lubes, sperm friendly lubricant, compounded creams, natural contraceptive gel, organic lubricant, intimate personal lubricants for sensitive skin, internal vaginal moisturizer or gel, natural vitamin E suppositories, water based lubricants, estrogen cream & oil based lubricants

Product Details

Product Description


  • 15 Individual wrapped, easy to use disposable vaginal applicators packaged in resealable bag
  • Holds 4 Grams
  • Contains dosage markings of: .5 GM, 1GM, 2GM, 3GM & 4GM
  • Made in the USA to stringent quality standards
  • Threaded end fits most tubes such as Estrace, Premarin and generic brand name lubes
  • Disposable single-use vaginal applicators offer a fresher and more convenient way to apply vaginal medications, lubricants and creams


  • Facilitate the vaginal administration of hormone creams, vaginal moisturizers, vaginal lubricants or yeast creams. 

Do not reuse applicators (Single use only). For instructions please refer to product package insert of product being used with applicator. Applicators do not include product for use in them. All products such as hormone creams, vaginal moisturizer or yeast creams must be purchased separately. Please consult your physician regarding use of these products; this website is for informational use only and is not providing medical advice.

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